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LogPro SA in overseas

Training period in overseas completed We did 90 days long training program in overseas for the LogPro SA´s first installation crew. Intensive training overseas was joint for the one year long training and working in CapeTown on our target site Villa Nordic. From supervisors aspect crew managed quite well and Read more…

Managing Director LogProsa
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LogPro SA Managing Director

LogPro SA Company was registered and established on beginning of July in Cape Town south Africa.At the same time our planned engineered timber installer training program was started overseas in Finland. By training local south African construction team and management in overseas for our company needs will give us big Read more…

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Villa Nordic in CapeTown

Construction Team. Who they are? This spring has been busy for us and also challenging time for team. Lot´s of new working phases and methods needed to be learned and trained for team working on our site. Villa Nordic will be completely ready during May 2019. For me in role Read more…