LogPro SA

Company was registered and established on beginning of July in Cape Town south Africa.
At the same time our planned engineered timber installer training program was started overseas in Finland. By training local south African construction team and management in overseas for our company needs will give us big advantage compared to other local companies. In future we are able to provide training and train our labour locally in SA which will make our company growing easier and will lead also for better social impact. We wan´t also our company to be an attractive investment for investors

Managing Director

Managing Director of LogPro SA was selected
Ms. Nicole Gerber. 

“Nicole Gerber”

As a former digital project manager, Nicole brings a wealth of experience in new product branding & launch, ad campaign development & deployment. Our company needs international business experience and template for managing the company and way of thinking business as business comes from overseas. Our company also want´s to be an example to contribute women´s  position in South Africa by recruiting and training not just male´s in service of our company.

Managing Director LogProsa

Project Director

Project Director and founder of LogPro SA
Mr. Jari Taskinen

“Jari Taskinen”

As a former managing director and company owner in overseas, Jari brings new kind of thinking and tools for management to run and start new company´s business successfully. Long experience from construction business as well as knowledge to lead high quality projects and identify labours personal features and place them on right job by their features is long learned skill in overseas. Supervising projects, training labour, customer relationship management and project management together with our other Supervisors or site management is his job to be done. 

Crews training program in overseas

Everything starts from personal safety on our sites. Right and safety ways of working with right kind of tools intended for work at the moment.
Understanding work or job and learning efficient ways to perform and maintaining high quality outcome are features what cannot be learned in one night.

Social skills are like half of the efficiency of team work. When these features are learned first after that team will get into the next level. Our installation crews intensive training has last now one and a half year.


Outcome of frame installation

Villa Nordic in Cape Town

Villa Nordic was our company´s founder Jari´s first target site in South Africa and in Cape Town.
From since starting the project it was clear that this site will require more time and patience to start learning and training local labour phase by phase to get into quality and outcome what was set for this house. Now one and a half year later site Supervisor Jari was visiting on site for one week in beginning of September. Setting the home automation in use and evaluating the outcome.

When starting from zero with labour who had no experience from engineered timber installations, we are satisfied for the outcome and happy for the situation that labour is committed to our new SA company and are keen to go forward in our future projects and growing along our company.

LogPro as a company in near future can offer opportunities for committed labour not only in South Africa´s markets but also opportunities in overseas.   

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